Monday, February 27, 2012

whirlwind of fun in F-2

Oh my goodness.....what a first day back!  The kids were
Sweet....and very helpful which is always nice.

Third graders are not like kinders big
excitement that I was back....makes me laugh!  

Since I have been reading...

Everything they did today made me want to giggle!

We did a very fun Fraction Sundae Activity from Amy Lemons:

I thought they turned out super cute!  I am in the middle of taking
down my non-fiction anchor charts and putting up some of 
Amanda Nickerson's Wonderland questioning charts!  We are digging 
back into fiction....tune in tomorrow for some details from the 
read alouds we are using to make connections to our communities unit!

Thank you to all my new followers for your sweet comments....I am so
excited to have you here and I am enjoying your blogs too!  

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  1. Cute lesson! Thanks for sharing!