Thursday, March 1, 2012

three things thursday

So, confession time....last night I had a molecular meltdown 
(term I use when one of my children is throwing a fit)!

I literally sat on the couch, nagged my sweet husband,
whined about not having any DC in the house, and
then cried big drippy tears about all the work I need 
to do for my report cards and conferences.

I put my sad self to bed at nine....very early for me!

Set my alarm for 6AM.....also very early for me!

And then I hoped that tomorrow would be better!

I peeled my self out of bed and was out of the house 
by 6:45.....took a quick trip to Starbucks and planned
out the rest of my hopefully happy I drove to
School a full rainbow appeared.....a sign!  I managed to 
get a ton of grading and organizing completed today
and tonight I feel like a much better person....woohoo!

Here are just three of the things that MADE MY DAY!


Yes.....a yummy coffee, fresh pedicure (thanks for the gift card Le Book Club),
and a brand new camera (thanks Momo & Papa).....added to my fabulous day!


  1. I gave you an award on my blog today...come check it out!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. It's not quite pedicure time where I live but almost! I'm excited for spring!
    Buzzing with Ms. B