Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stella & Dot LOVE

So back in November I became a S & D Stylist and had an amazing Launch Trunk Show...I ended up with about 25 people at my launch and it was a total blast!  Since my super awesome sponsor made me the host and stylist for the show I ended up with a ton of Jewelry for free and put all my commission in for more at 50% off.  I think I ended up with $1000 in new jewels.  Now....I find that I have to add about 15 minutes to my morning to decide on jewelry to go with my outfit....I am loving it!  I have since held only 2 more trunk shows and both have been for my good teaching friend.  We did one with her friends and then one with parents from her class who are mommy friends of mine since my daughter is in her class.  All in all she is ending up with about $400 in free jewelry too!

My Second Trunk show set up.....thanks to Karie for sharing her Bling with me!!!

The best part about the timing of my start was that I was able to purchase jewels at 50% off and give amazing gifts to family and friends for xmas and birthdays!  So cool!  Today I hit my jumpstart....which means I get another $500 in free stuff and at the same time I have almost $300 in commission.  YIKES!  I plan to get a new handbag with the commission, purchase some groceries for the family, and get my haircut and highlight.....AWESOME!
Right now my mind is spinning trying to figure out exactly which jewels I want to purchase with my free jewelry credits....lucky me!  I think these two will be must haves....I plan to wear them to a fun wedding this summer....just need to find that perfect dress....I am thinking a bright pink one shoulder....

So my bloggy followers, if you enjoy S & D half as much as I do, I think you should get on board and become a stylist too, there are just too many great benefits!  Well...I guess it is time to go to bed and dream about jewels!


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