Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tinkerbelle Half and Girls Weekend!!

So, I did it....I ran a Half-Marathon.  I am still in awe, shock, and disbelief....I actually ran 13.1 miles and I did it faster than I ever thought I could do it!  Ok, enough bragging on is the run down:

Amy, Jenn, and I drove down to LA together on Saturday morning....Kara and Mom were headed over from Arizona about the same time....there was plenty of laughs, stories, and diet coke on the journey...

So we all arrived in the afternoon and headed over to the EXPO to pick up our bibs and race information....we also had a chance to listen to Jeff Galloway speak....I think that he pretty much added to all of our nerves between dicussing what to eat, when to eat, how many ounces to drink and when, how much sleep and name it he said it!  What was really cool about the EXPO was seeing a long ago highschool friend and getting to meet her husband.  Leah and I worked together at Baskin and Robbins and were on short flags together.  She has been encouraging me since I signed up to run this was great to see her and catch up!!  Later we checked out our amazing hotel room....thanks to mom and dad for the great view, room, and comfy beds!!  We had connecting rooms which made it even more fun!  Mom tried out her chear squad gear and then we headed over to my cousin and his wife's house for a carbo load!  Yummy sandwiches, soup, and a fruit salad!  It was so nice to visit with them and of course to get some preracing tips from Steven!!

So the morning was upon us before we knew it....we woke at 4AM and each ate the breakfast we had planned which worked for our training:  hard boiled eggs or bagels or blueberry muffins!  Mom was laying in bed and gearing up for her breakfast at the cheer squad tent!  With only a few minutes to go before we needed to leave crisis hit....I couldn't find my earbuds....WORST NIGHTMARE!  I was beginning to freak out while my girlfriends assured me I would be fine etc etc.  I was on a mission though....I told the ladies that I was going to find a store and raced out of the elevator.  Amy followed me, as big sisters do, and we headed out to 7-11, I tried to stay calm and she even offered me hers for the race.  What do you know....7-11 was open at 4:45 AM and they had earbuds...crisis averted!!  We then headed over to the corral area....last minute pit stops and  stretches....that walk was a great warm up.  I have to say Disney knows how to make things magical....even a race!  There was the national anthem with fireworks, Mickey and friends cheering us on and a stage with live music!  So exciting.  

Our corral was released at about 6:15 and we were on our way.  The first few streets had some small hills and before I could blink we hit mile one.  Miles 2-4 were in Disneyland....we entered the back stage area and right away there were characters, floats with music, and entertainment.  Amy and I seemed to be just at the same pace which was awesome....I felt like I was being carried the whole way and encouraged just having her next to me.  I know that she pushed me to do my best and more!  We were cheered on by pirates, saw many princesses and princes available for pictures (we were not about stopping but many people did), and even ran through the castle!!  At Mile 5 Steven and his girls were on the side cheering us on and captured this great picture of us...

The great part about the middle of the race was zooming through each mile marker and seeing how well our pace was.  There was a ton of entertainment along the way (cheerleaders, marching bands, and runners with wings and tutus).  I felt great the majority of the run.....mile 12 1/2 to 13 were my roughest parts.....we were just finishing running through California Adventure and I knew it was almost the end (because everyone on the sides kept saying you are almost there) but my stomach was beginning to hurt and I feared something with my lovely gallbladdar....I decide to walk and then remembered what Drea told me....just push through don't walk....I thought about all the positive mantras and repeated didn't help....I knew that my mind was playing tricks on me and I just needed to cross the finish line.  When I made the turn at Katella I was dying....until I saw the mile 13 marker.....woohoo!  I barely remember the final seconds of my run....I do remember looking for my mom (didn't see her) and then crossing the finish.  When I looked up there was Amy smiling and looking as calm and cool as she did the whole rock!  What a great feeling it was to finish!
Everyone did such an amazing job!!!  
I love this picture of the five of us runners!!!

 After showers and lunch we headed our for some fun in Disneyland.....sporting our 13.1 shirts....we did it!  I have to say I never enjoyed running....I am thankful to my sister Jenn for encouraging me to start!  Who knew a few 5Ks would lead to this....the medals we were given are so amazing and cool....and heavy...none of us wanted to wear them to the park....walking was hard enough!! 

The morning after the race and all the fun in Disneyland we had roomservice for breakfast...what a treat!  The memories and laughter are things I won't ever forget.  I am not sure I will ever un another half but I feel like I accomplished something I never thought I would ever do.  I found over the last year how much I enjoy running and how good it is for me mentally and physically.

Hope you enjoyed listening to my journey for 13.1 miles....until my next race!

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  1. Hi Heather! It's so funny that I came across this! I clicked on your blog a long time ago and loved it because of my crazy love for owls. I came back today because I am looking for something and saw your post about a half marathon! I click on it and it's the Tinker Bell Half. I love it!!! I just got home on Monday from Disneyland where I did the Disneyland Half Marathon with our non-profit organization, My Brighter Tomorrow!!! It's a great organization that helps special needs children. You should check us out!!! Anyway. I wanted to say congratulations on your half! I think it's GREAT!!!!! :) Please check out my blog too!!!


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