Monday, February 20, 2012

four day weekend=recovery and reading

So here we surgery story!  

All week I have been looking forward to getting this surgery over with.  
As many of you know I had a gallbladder attack back in December.
Since I was training for a half marathon, I wanted to wait to have
the surgery.....and at the same time I kept doubting if it was necessary.

Fast forward two and a half months.....a long time to eat low fat and be
in fear of having another attack....the one bonus....I lost 8 pounds!  I 
decided to do the surgery over the four day weekend so I could take the 
Least amount of days off.....being a teacher, it is such a pain to take time

Mike took the weekend off and he and Kate came with me on surgery day.

Here I am with almost 10 year old before the surgery....and before
the creepy nurse arrived.....oh my goodness!  This nurse arrived to take me to
the operating room....and she looked like a he and I was freaking out....I can
just remember her words...."we will take good care of you".....eeeeek!  I wanted
to jump out of the bed.....told my other nurse....maybe I am changing my mind.
She called in my nurse anesthetist and I was given a little something to relax me.
Once we hit the ER.....I was out quickly and I don't remember a thing....I did wake 
up thinking I was at a dance competition....yikes!  My doc informed mike that I had
over 100 gallstones....several of which were large and would of given me problems
later....this made me feel so relieved and validated doing the surgery!

At home mike took great care of me as I struggled through pain, not being able to
sleep, awful shoulder pain from the air they put in my belly, the itchy rash, and changing
my bandages.  Not to mention....he exhausted himself doing laundry, dishes, cooking, 
and entertaining the kids.  My hero!

Yesterday I felt much better and I am only taking Advil for pain which is great.  The 
Vicodin doidnt really help.....just made feel loopy and may be the cause of the rash.
A shower was awesome....made me feel so much better.....just this darn itchy rash all 
over, yup you guessed it my stomach.....where the four incisions are...darn sensitive skin!
I enjoyed reading Soohie Kinsella's newest book from cover to cover was awesome!

Today mike is back to work.....and Kate is in charge!  My fabulous friend since fourth grade
took Kevin for the day and Momo has here I sit on the sofa!  Looking forward 
to another day of reading, blog stalking, watching chick flicks, and feeling relieved that surgery is over!


  1. bless your heart! I am your newest folllower and I hope you are recovering nicely. Get lots of rest. I run ( love it ) and teach too. Come on over and visit me sometime. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. One of my best friends had the same surgery this weekend! I know your daughter will take good care of you!

    Third Grade Bookworm