Sunday, December 29, 2013

13 in '13 Linky Party

Today I am linking up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher for 13 in '13!

My brand new BLARDIGAN! I found out all about them from......Pinterest Told Me To 
It's a cardigan that is like a blanket and I just might live in it for the next week while on vacation....
I loved this movie!  Loved it even more since mike saw it with me!
I absolutely loved MISTRESSES.....can't wait for it to return this summer!

This is where my love of filet oscar style began!  My hubby is quite the filet master on his new grill though....
so my favorite restaurant is turning into home!
I bought my very own Erin Condren it! Every Sunday night I make my notes and list for the week....keeping calendar items on my phone just doesn't work for me!
My sweet hubby hooked me up with a mini iPad for exciting!

Love my mint cords.....

My favorite post has to do with my best accomplishment this year....
Click {HERE} to read all about it!

After attending HOOPLA....I decided to be bold and grow my team with Stella & just six weeks I became a STAR stylist!

OUR 2013 FAMILY how we got Hank to smile too!!

This summer Mike and I had the chance to escape and enjoy some us time followed by a family gathering in NY!

This year I want to earn my heart of leadership as a STAR STYLIST....I also want to earn the title of Associate Director. This will enable me to possible work more part time at school. I would like to be at home more so that I can be more available to my mini coops when they need help with homework and after school activities!

I also want to make better choices for my health and to keep myself more balanced....I am going to read the Daniel Plan and see how through prayer and planning I can be the best me in 2014!
COURAGE.....I will need lots of this to reach my goal this year!
And that's my 13 in 13.

Now it's your turn to tell me about your top 13 of 2013.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Currently

After such an amazing week off and weekend of fun in San Francisco
it was ROUGH to go back to work, I was so stressed last night....

but I feel so much better tonight....
yes report cards are due in a week and I haven't started,
but today was a GREAT day!!

Linking up with FARLEY for a's been too long!
My students do this every month and they love it!!!
You should link up too :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

joie de vivre

  This summer I set a goal for myself with Stella & Dot....

I decided to earn enough commissions to go to our yearly
Conference in Las Vegas!  It's called HOOPLA!

There I became inspired by these two women...

These two amazing women are the cofounders of 
Our company and I strive each day to be more and
More like be bold!

I left Hoopla ready to take my business to a whole
New level....I set a goal to become a STAR stylist
By the next Hoopla....

But then I found out that I could earn all of these 
Items if I became a star in the next six weeks...

So of course I did it...

I have never felt so much joy through working so hard for something. It was
So amazing to set a goal and hit that goal! 

I am thrilled to share with my blog friends this great success!  

I am hosting a mystery online Trunkshow....each person who shops
Will earn a chance to win the style rewards!  

Just place an order through this link by Saturday December 14th

Use this lucky shopper will win the style rewards:

Here are just a few awesome pieces to get you ready to shop!

For every $50 you spend you will earn dot dollars!

Get your holiday shopping done and earn rewards for you to use in January!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I LOVE Thursday

Well I am finally back bloggin!  I have so many posts to get on here but I will keep it to one day at a time and follow the BLOGGER rules :)  

I thought I would get started with a Things I love Thursday goes!

I am currently enjoying my last few days of spring break, it has been such a nice relaxing time....not ready to get back to being so busy!  Just 11 weeks and summer will be here :)

STELLA AND DOT.....this Jolie necklace from our spring line is so CUTE!  I can't wait for mine to arrive.....I am also very excited for two upcoming trunkshows I have scheduled for April!!

My LITTLES!  Look how much fun they are....they get easier and easier every day!  I can't believe that my youngest will be in Kinder and my oldest will be in Middle School next year!

 My hubby!  He rocks.....he has made the last few weeks for me so easy and I just love being around him.  He is the king of optimism, laundry, dishes, and sweetness....not to mention an amazing dad!

Loving my new nail polish color by vampire is BUFF!  Also, the fact that flip flop and reading books by the pool season is here makes my heart and head so happy!!!

What are you LOVING this Thursday???

Monday, February 25, 2013

hall pass linky

Teachers need a Hall Pass too!  I am linking up with  Tunstall....and you should too!!

P is for PRODUCT!  While I don't create any products to sell....I do use plenty from TPT. My two favorites this year are the CURRENTLY for students.....thanks FARLEY of Oh Boy Fourth Grade...

The kids just love the beginning of a new month....and what they write always cracks me up!

I also LOVE Amanda from One Extra Degree....Valentine Book Box Reports!  My class did an amazing job on these....

A is for favorite area of my classroom is my library!  I had so much fun creating the tree and it feels so cozy! My high school intern is my anchor chart you can tell we are deep into non-fiction research!

S is for signal is just a good old fashion "deli bell". You know....the kind you find in delis that has a sign next to it....ring bell for assistance. Mine is lime green and I love it. Just one tap of that bell and the kids freeze and look at me for I instructions.....I have an amazing class this year....they are so easy with attention getting!

S is for SANITY...there are many things that keep me (skinny caramel macchiato) and lots of good books to read....Jen Lancasters latest book was hilarious!  Running and especially races run with the hubby and my running pals help me relieve stress!  I need to get back out there for sure!  The idea that summer vacation will be here soon and we will be drinking beartinis at LAIR camp makes me smile. Last but not sweet family keeps me sane when I need it the most!  


Saturday, February 2, 2013


Woohoo!  So thrilled to have so many awesome followers!
Spent my Saturday dying my hair, planning low carb menus,
And hanging with my kids!

Now it's time to chill out with my latest reading....

Jen cracks me up.....she mostly writes memoirs....but this one is her
2nd novel.....happy weekend everyone!