Saturday, January 28, 2012

In 24 hours......13.1 just exactly 24 hours from this moment I will begin my first half was about a year ago that I registered.....I can't believe it is actually here! This week has been really intense and busy....I am just wishing time would move really show for the next three days so I can enjoy this time with my mom, sisters, sister in law, and friends! 13.1 miles.....I know I can do this....and I can't wait to finish it! So why am I up so stinking early? Well.....the only stuff I have packed are my running gear and the super fun shirts I had made for my sisters, sis in law, and mom.....I do believe I have a lot of packing to do. I am hoping my brain will wake up in the shower so I can move quick. I have to make a quick stop at Denicas for a couple blueberry muffins (one for this morning and one for race day breakfast) and a coffee so I can be wide awake....then I plan to sit in the parking lot and paint my nails so they can dry while I drive to Tracy to pick up my sisters....multitasking at its best. So wish me luck....I will post pics and my race details when I return!


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