Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what i'm loving wednesday

Today was the best Wednesday I have had in quite sometime....
Many of you may know that I am a TSA.....teacher on special
assignment.....what does that mean?  Well....I am released from
my classroom on Wednesday's to hold 504 and SST meetings as
well as to do reading and writing coaching for our staff.  I love
doing this because I feel like it keeps me in the special education
arena and I get to help families in need as well as supporting teachers.
The downside is I have to leave my class once a week and write sub, since there is no school on Thursday or 
Friday I decided to not leave my was so nice!

We spent the morning working on some cool community and city stuff....
will post about that later.....then we had a celebration of our animal reports.

I loved this unit from lesson plan SOS....we added some fun things like 
About the author and a fiction book recommendation too!  The kids started 
by telling a little bit about their animal using a cool microphone, then they
read each others reports, books they recommended, and wrote comments too!

When I got home the hubby was busy making breakfast for I had to have a mimosa...
thank goodness for the bottle of champagne that I had since I forgot to take it with me for our 
girls weekend half-marathon in Disneyland!  Yum!

Love this guy so much.....he has put up with so much in the last few weeks....through my 
surgery, recovery, return to work, and being patient as I stressed over report cards!

Ok.....and this new book.....OMG....have you heard about it?  I guess they discussed it on the
Today is a trilogy.....supposed to be kind of racey......I got a sample on my kindle 
And now I am hooked.....maybe it will turn into a movie with this guy in it.....


What are you loving this Wednesday?


  1. I so wish sub plans could write themselves. Your mimosa looks yummy.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. This picture of Mike cracks me up!! Love the Fear the Bear shirt :). Let me know how you like the book...I'm always looking for a good read!