Monday, March 19, 2012

tales from my multitasking Sunday

So after the busy sleepover and late night,
Sunday turned out to be busy busy...

I started my day with a 5K Shamrock run
with my sister, I was so glad that I finished
and felt good!  This was my longest run post
surgery, I was just under a 13 minute mile.
Now I can train up for the mermaid 5K in
May....I want to improve my time by at 
least a minute per mile....

Next up my sister and I had a yummy breakfast at
Denica's.....followed by grocery shopping so 
I could gather all the supplies for dinner to 
celebrate miss double digits!

First up was pasta salad....

Followed by cake and sugar cookies...

Then lots of frosting which led to the final products... yumminess!

That my friends is a ding-dong cake....Cooper family 
tradition....chocolate cake, whipped cream filling and
then chocolate frosting from scratch!  I got kind of 
fancy and made three layers of cake and two layers 
of whipped was tasty!

We ended our night with this cute picture....


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