Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i am lovely again and way more organized

Woohoo....I got a lovely blog award again....feeling the love times 3!

Thank you to Jen at Teaching, life, and everything in between...

I am feeling pretty lovely today.....reportcards are finished, conferences 
are almost finished, and my classroom is looking way more organized.

This is just one area that is looking way fabulous....can't wait to hear the ooooohs and ahhhhhs
tomorrow from my students!  I am hoping I can get some test prep and planning completed 
on Thursday and Friday after the kids leave.....gotta love minimum days....next week we are 
focusing on author's purpose and writing expert reports ( what I call all about books).  I am 
Hoping to plan and write out a skeleton of mini lessons for test prep (reading) following 
Lucy Calkin's unit in the most recent curricular calendar as well as poetry using Amanda 
Nickerson's great poetry resource as a guide!  I think it will be fun for the kids to have a light
writing unit while we tackle the test prep in reading.....I am finally feeling above water this year!


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