Saturday, March 10, 2012

Family Dinner Traditions

So, I grew up in a family of 5.  Every Friday night my mom would make pizza, YUM!

And she made the dough from scratch....double yum!

When I married Mike we continued the tradition and now with our children
we call it Friday pizza/movie night!  The kids LOVE it!

We make our dough and sauce from scratch (well more the dough than the sauce).
Recipe can be found in our favorite recipe book---Test Kitchen!!

So along with our Friday night traditions.....we have been serving Breakfast for dinner on Monday nights....after swimming lessons, it is quick and easy!!  Not always with a mimosa though....

Sunday nights we have been (for the last two) enjoying a super yummy sandwich I had growing up!  They are called Papa's Sandwich's....sourdough roll with mayo and italian seasoning on one side, italian dressing on the other, then top with ham and salami (thin sliced from the deli) and provolone on the other in the oven and warm it up until the cheese is melting....then add pepperocinis!  YUM!
(I promise to add a picture later) add a new tradition ( and to make my life easier on busy Saturdays)...

Today I am whipping up Chicken Tortilla took literally 10 minutes to put it all in the pot!
I will be serving it over tortilla chips, topped with sourcream, cheese, lime, and cilantro.
The adults will be enjoying a Dox Equis with a lime as well!!!

I guess I need to come up with some other fun traditional meals to make life easy.....
we do make meatballs (from the cook book too) often as well as tacos.  
The other one that I loved and tried a couple months ago was a mashed potato bar!!

Do you cook any traditional dinners that you serve on the same day every week to make your life easier?


  1. Cute - I love breakfast for dinner. And the crockpot is the BIGGEST HELP EVER

    I don't have kids; I'm just lazy so that's the kind of stuff I eat. It's easier (and cheaper) to eat the same things every day. And nothing goes bad before I can eat it, either. lol
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. your traditions sound great and homemade pizza is the best!

    thanks for sharing all your great ideas! i've awarded you the lovely award! come by and check it out :o)