Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snuggie Bling

So of course I can never say no to anything...

Not even when I am in the middle of report cards
and parent teacher conference prep time...

Kate is on the performing company at Tiffany's
Dance of her dances is called 
"Cuter than a Snuggie"....they wear pjs and dance
With a pillow in hand...

Super cute.....but a tad on the blah side.....why?  No bling!  So when the email
came out that they needed someone to volunteer (because the ultimate bling lady
was so overloaded) to add bling.....I said yes!  Well I have been putting it off all
Weekend and had a massive headache the afternoon....but I finally sat down and
Completed the fronts and the bows....I think the girls will be thrilled!


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