Wednesday, January 11, 2012


HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!  Here is what I'm loving today...

Starting my day with my favorite beverage...
Skinny Vanilla Latte....yum!!
Mike got his new schedule today....woohoo he is day shift again which means family dinners every night!  I am thrilled!  Days off are different...not weekends but at least he has Fridays off in case we want to plan a little date day!!  He also got vacation so that we can celebrate the 4th of July in Texas with my parents and enjoy our trip to the LAIR in August!!

Getting out for an awesome run right after work 
with my favorite pacing partner Hank...  
I can't believe that four miles is such an easy task these days!!

Yummy Chipotle Rice I made for dinner....

Spent the evening in a small library finding out that as long as enough are interested, my daughter will attend Transitional Kindergarten in the fall.....I am beyond thrilled!!!  There was a LOT of interest in that room!!!
Ending the night with a movie, my hubby, 
a glass of wine and my favorite candy in the world!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY too!!!


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