Saturday, January 14, 2012


So today was the big day to get my longest run in before the Tinkerbelle half-marathon....I was nervous when I woke up this morning and there was no turning back since I had a babysitter all lined up!  I ate half of a plain whole wheat bagel and choked down some water as soon as I got up so I would be ready to run!

I mapped out two routes that would equal to 10 miles because that was the goal I had set for myself.  I ended up changing my first route and I knew that my second route would be about 5 miles so I cruised along.  After the first loop I stopped at my house to fuel up on water and...

I love these sport Jelly Beans....they taste great and with a huge gulp of water I am good to I downed about half of them, I think that at the half I will eat all of them because I am going to need more energy and fuel for 13.1.  So I headed back out for loop number two and I was excited because I knew that I was more than half way finished with my run!!!  At about what I thought was mile 10 (but was really 10.5) I started to hit my "wall".  OMG...I just thought I wouldn't be able to go any further...I powered it out and was motivated by the two different parents from my class that hollered at me from the road....having a cheering squad really helps.....that and the new version of Footloose!!!

Once I got home I sat down and checked out map my run....and guess what????  I actually ran 11.47 miles.  The first loop was 6.23 miles and I ran it in 1:17, the second loop was 5.24 miles and I ran that in 1:10....I obviously slowed down a lot at the end but my average minute mile was 12:81.  I was so excited with how well I did and then told myself that if I can run all by myself in my neighborhood, I can surely run 13.1 in the Happiest Place On Earth....

After I drank a million ounces of water I had a nice yummy chocolate milk to recover....YUM!

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  1. I had those jelly beans when we did our 11 miler and I ate the whole back 30 minutes before we ran, and then I had some about half way through, but I didn't feel like they did anything for me. I was kinda bummed. I think I'm going to have to go with some GU or Shock Blocks. We shall see.... See you in TWO weeks!!!!