Saturday, January 7, 2012

Given the opportunity....I WILL RUN!!!!

Welcome to my new blog!! I am so excited to start this blog which will include my classroom, my running journey, fun with friends, date nights, managing my household, and of course crafting! I hope you enjoy as most of this will be about my frantic wild and busy life!!

Today after my husband sent me a picture of a very disturbing flyer, I learned that he would not be home for me to get my run in. So....I decided to hire my biggest big, Kate, to stand by and guard while I ran....during naptime/quiettime of course! She happily obliged when I gave her a cell phone to contact me on and her dad's ipad!! Thank goodness for Kate.....Caroline stayed asleep the entire time I ran and with enough time to shower after, Kevin was busy on his 3DS in his room so neither one of them had a clue I was gone!!

Today's run was a 3 miler that took about 34 just three weeks I will be running 13.1 miles which is crazy! I know that I can do this since my 9 miler went so well last weekend. I will do a 10 mile run this coming Saturday and then that will be it for distance before the big day!

I am really excited about the half because it is going to be a fun girl weekend with my sisters, sister-in-law, and my mom! Mom will be cheering us on from the sidelines. I know that my sport beans, cinnamon bread, and extra fun running music from Drea will get me through.


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