Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time to De-Clutter!!

So I am joining many other teachers who are fans of the clutter free classroom blog....time to get my classroom in better shape! I moved into this classroom at the end of last school year and quickly jammed most of the "junk" that I found in my tracks into the cabinets. The teacher who was in my classroom before was retiring after being in that room for 12 years! That being said, I had a lot of work to do and since I was going to be new to the grade level I decided to put all that "junk" away and told myself I would dedicate my Wed prep time to a cabinet of cleaning out a week. Have I done that? NO! And to make things worse, my clutter is all over the place because I have no place to store my stuff. This PROJECT on clutter free classroom couldn't have come at a better time!!

Here are my before pics:

One cabinet filled with old teaching manuals, books, and a few containers for sorting!!

Another cabinet--lots of good tile math stuff, just needs to be organized so I can use it!

The dreaded pencil sharpening area with a printer that I can't connect to!

Math Manipulatives.....yuck!

This is suppose to be for small groups but seems to be more like my planning/grading area.

One of a dozen other cabinets with unused binders....and paint...when do we have time for that?
My counter that just keeps growing with piles....organized clutter!
Inside of one of my many disorganized desk drawers
And....the top of my desk....yikes!

I am looking forward to this coming week's challenge which is to make a plan. I have my sorting containers ready and I am about to print the we go! If you want to join the organization party, you can just click on the button below...

Clutter-Free Classroom

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  1. Looks like you got some great storage spaces. Once you get it organized it should look wonderful.

    Ms. M
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