Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break is almost here...

My fabulous high school intern has been helping me with these super cute Spring Centers pack from Amy Lemons....
 We are almost finished cutting and gluing all the pieces, the student worksheets have copied, and I have created labels for the center boxes. These will be a great follow up to all the word work and grammar lessons we have been hitting hard the past couple weeks.
I am so excited to show the kids these centers and for them to try them when we get back from Spring Break....yes that is right....five more work days and then it is my turn!!  I feel like all my favoite bloggy friends have been on break for the last month!  I can't wait for some family time....we are planning a hike, picnics, and a trip to see the Oakland A's play!!  Oh yeah and a quick "run away" with my sweet friend to Half Moon Bay!  


  1. I'm just two days away from my Spring Break too! So ready for a break! I like your organization idea here. We'll be hitting it hard too when we get back. Enjoy your down time!

  2. The pack looks great! Look how organized you are! Super cute!

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