Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 on the 12th

 Fun....I am linking up with Kacey at are some pictures about my day...

1. Breakfast in bed...made by my sweet hubby...what a treat!
2. My pup Hank, peering over the bed while I ate....hoping I would share!
3.  Took a family bikeride to starbucks...I road with Caroline (my youngest) most of the way....kindof like riding with grandma, but fun!
4.  My three littles enjoying some hot cocoa!
5.  Spring cleaned a bit today....took the eggs out of my cute little holder that my mom gave us for Easter and put some lemons in, looks fun on the kitchen table.
6.  Blogged about the Expert Books we wrote before spring break (which means this is my 2nd post today, but I really wanted to join this cute Linky)!!
7.  Took my littlest to fun to watch her wave after each trick...making sure I saw her in action!
8.  Helped my oldest to rearrange her room so that she has more places for her trinkets....cleaned out the closet and turned our old changing table into a great shelf for her....she is so EXCITED!
9.  Dessert!
10.  Catching up on my soap opera while eating and drinking (#9 & #11)!
11. favorite end of the day treat while blogstalking!
12.  Gonna finish this up (our book club book for April) before I go to bed so I can get on to reading the last book of the 50 shades of Grey series...I thought I would have read a WHOLE lot more over my spring break but I guess summer is only 9 weeks away!

Go ahead and link on up with Kacey....this is such a cute idea!

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  1. thanks heather for joining! one of my favorite parts of the day is having a break and blog reading too!

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