Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coop + Coop + HMB= FUN!!!

So my sweet, fun, and creative teaching buddy and I took a little trip to Half Moon Bay (HMB) which is a favorite place of hers and now mine too!  A few weeks back we planned a little getaway for the two of us and we have been counting down the days....I can't believe it is over!  It was such a great 24 hours!
We headed out on day 1 of spring break after I dropped off my cuties at the in-laws...headed to Trader Joe's for some food treats, and then made our way to Sam's Chowder House....I had the most amazing Lobster roll....YUM!

UMMMM....can you say TO DIE FOR?  We then had this crazy little olive oil, sea salt, vanilla ice cream concoction.....and of course we decided that walking it off would be a great idea!  We took a long walk along the water and on the beach....it was so beautiful and no rain....what a dream!  

Then we headed downtown to check out the shops....a few bookstores of course!  And finished off with some coffee and homemade cookies that Catherine made....very tasty!!

 After coffee we headed off to the Hostel at pigeon point....we were in the Dolphin house!  We made ourselves cozy...rested our sweet little eyes a bit, and then giggle the evening away as new guests arrived....there was a fun school nurse on spring break, a whirling tornado from Hawaii, and a sweet soul from Connecticut who had been traveling the US since January...

 Later in the evening we ventured out to the kitchen area for our big THINK TANK!  Lots of planning and thinking about what we will do over the last 9 weeks of school....

This morning we had some more think tanking at the local coffee shop in Pescadero followed by a tour of the cutest Goat Farm....and lots of yummy goat cheese to taste!  The local honey was to die for!  I brought a jar home....yum!

This was the greatest way to start out my Spring Break!  I am so lucky to work with such a sweet friend!! The last 24  hours were so wonderful....now it is time to put away my lesson books, stop the blog stalking, and enjoy my break.....I am off to play with my littles and do some reading!!  See you soon my bloggy friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness Heather! You were just about a mile from our little family cabin in the town of Loma Mar. We love going to the Goat Farm and just about 50 yards down the road is a farmers market that has acres of blackberry vines. Every summer when the fields are ripe, we all go blackberry picking and then home to make some amazing jam. You'll have to let us know the next time you are headed over to Pescadero!