Saturday, April 7, 2012

Owl Love.....and 10 reasons I love TARGET! the sweetest mom in my class handed me a bag on Friday and wished me a happy spring break....and wouldn't you know, the cutest owl was inside....

I meant to post that last night, but I forgot!  Isn't it so COOL!  I also have these darling owl cards that I plan to frame and add to my classroom too....every where I turn there are more owls in my room!  I love it!

So this is also a Multitasking Mom was very busy....just always moving, Taxi Sue style!  We began the morning at an egg hunt out where my sister lives.  Then we grabbed my oldest (she was at my niece's birthday slumber party last night) and took her to dance.  While she was at dance we took our usual trip to the library followed by lunch and then picking up Kate the time we arrived home I was beat and ready for a little "me time".  I knew Kate would come to the I dashed over to Target to pick up a couple of items...and while I waited for my starbuck's coffee I thought to myself how cool it is that Target is so AWESOME for many reasons:

  1. You can buy any thing you need for your classroom (notice my pens, sticky tabs, and various notebooks--see a later post about my obsession to make an exact reading, writing, and math notebook over break to match the lessons I teach).
  2. There is always a magazine available for your latest recipes, exercise regimen/diet, and trash reading.
  3. Along with magazines---you can pick up the latest book you read about and get it 20% off...this one was recommended by Jen Lancaster a favorite author of mine.
  4. Groceries---can I say more?
  5. Easter dress at the last minute, anyone?
  6. Make-up, nail polish, and every lotion you desire!
  7. My favorite Cupcake Chardonnay, always on sale!
  8. Every plastic bin you can imagine for organizing...
  9. A few extras for the kids Easter baskets...barbie, hair accessories, lipgloss, legos, books...oh my!
  10. Last but not least...once you pay the can cruise on over to the Starbucks stand for a delicious treat!  Today while I waited for my coffee, I began reading White Girl Problems by Babe Walker....OMG...this book is hysterical, yes I stood there reading and cracking up.  Then I thought this is an oasis for me, a way to relax and get some things checked off the to do list at the same time.  
Happy Easter my bloggy friends!


  1. Great blog! I love Target and finding other third grade teachers! I am your newest follower.

    Unless Teaching

  2. Hi Heather,
    Found you through Teacher Blogger Exchange. I won the earrings :) Yay! So glad I did so that I could come on over here and meet you. VERY cute blog! I'm your newest follower. Blogging about my win and your blog shortly!

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Just linked up from Fun in Room 4B I love your blog name and I am def. your newest follower!


    The 3AM Teacher