Sunday, April 1, 2012

Author's Purpose

In my last post I mentioned that we studied Author's purpose....this was a lot of fun!  We took a cute pack from Buzzing With Ms. B on Teachers Pay Teachers....and then we went all PEANUT BUTTER with it!

I am not even sure how my favorite fabulous third grade teacher pal and I came up with it all but it started as a small conversation that led to more and is a pic of us on PJ day...

Here is one of my most fabulous student's reader's notebook:

After checking out the pack and the resources we made posters and planned to read one book about Peanut Butter to go with each of the different purposes.  We made our usual fun stickers to go in their reading notebooks too! After we read each of the books, the kids would decide 
what the author's purpose was and would talk about the characteristics of each: entertain, inform, explain how, persuade.

Here is the poem we chose for the week too...
I always use this student's notebook and work to share here because she does such a great job...neat and includes everything asked for!

On Tuesday I was having a second rough day for the week and after I sent the kids off to Science at 2:20 I sat at my desk and found a cute blue envelope that said Top Secret, inside this is what I found...
 This totally made my day....I LOVE it!


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