Monday, July 16, 2012

what is my purpose?

So I woke up this morning wondering.....what is my purpose? 

I spend tons of my day planning the next lesson, stalking the next blog, 
and creating my next blog post to go with all of it.  

Being on summer AWESOME....don't get me wrong....
but sometimes it is hard to divide my teacher self from my personal self.

I spent part of Sunday with my favorite teaching pal and friend....she has
so many cool and cute plans for her room and lots of ideas about our 
curriculum for next year!  I am so glad that she is on this train because
it is helping me to stay somewhat focused on it.

Found these great ideas....


After seeing these....I came up with my true color scheme for my new room....owls with
chocolate brown, Tiffany blue, hot pink, and lime green!  So excited!

This morning I woke up from a lovely first day of school nightmare complete with 
a new principal, me not wearing pants, and some other crazy stuff!  Yikes!  Then I took 
my littles to Big Lots and found some great items for my library.....

Now if I can just get working on all those Monday Made It projects you boggy peeps
are working on.....

Guess they will have to be put on hold while I head to Santa Barbara for a beach getaway 
with my sweet family!  We still have lots of time before school starts.....right?

What are you working on this summer?

Do you wait until the last week of summer to get it done, or do you do a little at a time?

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