Monday, July 23, 2012

monday made it: crate seats and teacher toolbox

Hi bloggy pals!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

My weekend was super productive for school!  

We are halfway through summer but I would rather get some 
of my classroom together a little at a time than scramble at the end!

I made two things that I have been dying to make after seeing
all of the awesome bloggers out there getting crafty....

First up....crate seats for my meeting area.  I plan to let the kids earn
a chance to sit in these seats each day....

I started with crates from Target, a fun owl fabric, quilt batting, and plywood.
At home depot a sweet older guy cut the wood for me and I was on my way!
I sanded the corners with just regular old sand paper and some elbow grease :)
Then I laid the fabric right side down then the batting and then the wood....using
my newest fun tool (staple gun) I secured the fabric to the board and then popped 
It in the crate....voila....a seat and a great secret storage place!

All three of my kiddos are now requesting a crate seat for their own bedrooms!

Next up, I made that super fun teacher tool box....

Bought the box on shipping and no tax:)

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  1. Everything came out really cute! The crate seats are on my list for this summer too!


  2. Where did you get that adorable fabric? I also made a teacher toolbox. But I have way too much stuff and not everything will fit in it!!

  3. Love your crates and your toolbox! The more I see the crates, the more I think I need to get some! Do you think they will hold 4th graders? :-)

    Craft of Teaching

  4. Ha! Too funny! My summer projects were to make the crate seats and then the organized tool box! Ive done 8 crate seats...though I'm still waiting to go to Lowes or Home Depot to grab me a toolbox! I've gone crazy on Google Images & Pinterest about it! So while I'm waiting on the tool box, I've been decoupaging diaper boxes with black and white polka dot wrapping paper to use for pretty storage in my classroom! I love the way yours all came out! The kiddos made me smile as well! Good job momma! Maybe I should just go on over to Amazon myself! ;-)

  5. I'm 137 pounds and my crate seats hold me!! Hope that helps to give you an idea. Mine will be for Kinder kiddos!