Thursday, May 3, 2012

things that make me laugh during testing

Oh my goodness.....right now I am cracking up!

Day two of testing in our classroom.....

Feeling like a stewardess while passing out snacks....

Raisins anyone?
Cheese and crackers?
Boutique waters?

Then....while they were testing I was eating strawberries
and leaving the tops for my four painted ladies.....

As I placed a strawberry flew out....
I almost screamed but instead carefully grabbed it
and put her back in before anyone noticed.

My final thought.....

Why is it water bottles are so entertaining?

Here is what I saw today:
How far a third grader can jam one into their mouth.
How often one can crinkle them to disrupt others.
How creative third graders can be, drilling holes in the top
with a pencil and then drinking from the hole....ewwwwwww!


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