Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

So, this week was teacher appreciation week at our school.

I decided that I would just go ahead and make it the same
at Caroline's (youngest daughter) daycare/preschool!  I
used the darling ideas on Third Grade Thinkers...

It was a wild week this week due to the hubby attending a 
5 day bachelor party so I had to be organized!

I was also in charge of my Son's class gifts....

Monday was lotion for Caroline's teachers.
I recieved this yummy breakfast when I arrived at school!!

Tuesday was flowers for the teacher...

 Wednesday was fun drink cups for Caroline's my school we had a PTA hosted Fiesta during lunch and our classes wore our favorite colors!!

Thursday was notes for the teacher day....Caroline's teachers got some fun notepads and pens.  

I love this note from one of my 3rd graders....each child wrote such neat notes, wow!!

Friday was gift basket day....Kevin's science teacher got an Orange Tree filled with gift cards and his regular classroom teacher got a memo board....they both recieved a ton of cards from the class!!

We gave Caroline's teachers gift cards for pedicures!

 I received the most awesome bucket that says, "Mrs. Cooper Rocks"!!  All the kids signed it and it was filled with gift cards to all my favorite places: Target, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Amazon, and itunes!!  I also got a pedicure gift certificate which I plan to use before we head off to Half Moon Bay in June!

I feel so spoiled!!  After a small trip to Target with my littles (needed portfolio report folders for open house) and a yummy chocolate cookie crumble frap, I had a ball buying movies on itunes, two pairs of summer shoes, a watch, sunglasses, a cute top, and some Sparkle Stilla eyeliner!!  WOWZA!

What fun things did you recieve or give (if you have your own children)
during teacher appreciation week?


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