Monday, February 25, 2013

hall pass linky

Teachers need a Hall Pass too!  I am linking up with  Tunstall....and you should too!!

P is for PRODUCT!  While I don't create any products to sell....I do use plenty from TPT. My two favorites this year are the CURRENTLY for students.....thanks FARLEY of Oh Boy Fourth Grade...

The kids just love the beginning of a new month....and what they write always cracks me up!

I also LOVE Amanda from One Extra Degree....Valentine Book Box Reports!  My class did an amazing job on these....

A is for favorite area of my classroom is my library!  I had so much fun creating the tree and it feels so cozy! My high school intern is my anchor chart you can tell we are deep into non-fiction research!

S is for signal is just a good old fashion "deli bell". You know....the kind you find in delis that has a sign next to it....ring bell for assistance. Mine is lime green and I love it. Just one tap of that bell and the kids freeze and look at me for I instructions.....I have an amazing class this year....they are so easy with attention getting!

S is for SANITY...there are many things that keep me (skinny caramel macchiato) and lots of good books to read....Jen Lancasters latest book was hilarious!  Running and especially races run with the hubby and my running pals help me relieve stress!  I need to get back out there for sure!  The idea that summer vacation will be here soon and we will be drinking beartinis at LAIR camp makes me smile. Last but not sweet family keeps me sane when I need it the most!  


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