Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Club Update

So my book club is the BEST!  We always have the most fun and creative times together!!  In October we read the book WILD which was an Oprah 2.0 Book club book!  It was actually such a great read, I have no idea how Cheryl took that hike and she is my hero!  We spent a foggy morning hiking in Las Trampas after coffee and discussing this book!!

 In November, we read 12:21....END OF THE WORLD!  I didn't get a chance to read it which really bummed me out and I was actually under a ton of stress as we were hooking up the evening of our last day of school before Turkey break....I had to drive my daughter to dance and everything so I decided I couldn't go!  Sure enough....see pic gals came over with an end of the world drink for me and kidnapped me!  It was such an awesome and funny night....I am so lucky to have these women in my life!  Sorry about the cake pic...upside down!

In December it has been our tradition to do a cookie exchange ever since we read the Cookie Book Club book a couple years back.  Now....we have never been able to agree upon a good holiday read so we all pick our own and then wrap them up in a thematic wrap to exchange as well.  I made the yummy cookies below with the peppermint kisses....found on pinterest of course!  The table shows all the other fancy cookies these ladies wrapped up!!  I read The Christmas Wedding....kindof cheesy but a quick read!!    Next month....actually we meet this Friday....we are reading The Book Thief.....guess I better quick blogging about it and get to reading!  We have planned out our next several books for the year:  The Great Gatsby, Gone Girl, Language of Flowers, and a Shakespeare play....I have a ton of books on my 2BRead pile.....and I am looking forward to new books coming in the next few months by my favorites:  Sophie Kinsella, Jen Lancaster, Jane Green, and Jodi Picoult just to name a few!!

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