Wednesday, June 27, 2012

getting my running groove on

Not sure when it was I lit a fire under my rearend.....but I decided I needed to get ready for summer and get back to running again.  I love how running makes my mind and body feel!  At the same time I decided to be really good about tracking my food as well as my exercise!  I was also trying to fit into a sassy dress for a wedding we were attending!  I am, so thrilled I took the plunge!  This picture below keeps me motivated and the other is my hubby and I at the wedding last weekend...

In late May, my hubby bought me my first iPhone.....a 4S!  So I quickly added these apps....

Pandora keeps me moving because I have no idea what song is coming next and there are always new ones as well as favorites....I listen today's hit favorites!  Run keeper keeps track of my miles, pace, and calories burned!  Every five minutes it gives me a review of how I am doing!  My fitness pal is where I keep track of calories burned and all the foods I eat!  I love the system I have in place.  In fact sometimes I have gone out twice a day to exercise just so I can log it in and hit the finish my entry for today button.  It tells you that if everyday were like today you would weigh_____weight in five weeks! Talk about motivating!

Here are more detailed pics of these apps...


I am in Texas visiting my parents right now and it is HOT!  I went out the first morning and mostly I wogged.....a combo of running and my mom and I walked for an hour a d twenty five minutes.....we were thrilled at the calories we burned!  

I don't have any races planned soon and haven't done any since the half but I am glad that I am still loving my running!  In the fall I plan to do a color me rad race, mermaid run, and the bah humbug!  Not sure I will ever do a half marathon again but I sure still love running!

What are your favorite exercise/music/weight tracking apps?


  1. Good jod. Keep up the hard work.I know exactly how you feel. I am training for a half marathon. In my head and my heart I am a runner but my knees seem to be in disagreement. I just keep telling myself, pain is weakness leaving my body.

    Queen with Class

  2. Great job! I started Couch to 5K this summer. I'm on week 3 and loving it. I also have My Fitness Pal, but I find that I'm not diligent about logging my info into it. I need to be. It might help the motivation.

    Fun in Room 4B

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    iTeach 1:1

  4. Hi! I'm awarding you the "One Lovely Blog Award"! Check out my blog to claim your award! :)

    Busy Teacher Love

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